10 reasons why “adulting” is hard

Adulting. The term Adulting is commonly associated with millennials, who often use the word on social media. They define “adulting” as “the practice of behaving like a responsible adult” such as paying bills, maintaining your home or holding down a job.  As a freshly proclaimed adult, I can say that I can relate to the concept of “adulting” so I listed a few reasons why Adulting is just hard.

1. Your paycheck is here and gone after a few minutes
     This is a top reason why Adulting is hard. You are entitled to pay for everything. We can’t even go on a crazy shopping spree or even get a nice massage because there’s a monthly bill that rolls in and we’re expected to pay for it. Paying sucks.

2. Trying to maintain a social life
       One of the most crucial thing when it comes to Adulting is trying to make time for friends. Having a social life once in a while is important for us to keep us sane. But this is just so hard to maintain especially when you have a shitload of work to do or when you have endless meetings to attend to. Always make time for your friends and family, without them you have no reason to continue your adult responsibilities. Make sure to keep this a priority.

3. Dating sucks. Ugh
    All of this technology, we already forgot how to talk to people in person. How do you even meet people nowadays? No one expects to find someone out and about anymore. Online dating sucks even more. Not everyone in the world is on them. Some of us are still waiting for our future soulmate to magically sit beside us in our favorite coffee shop and spend the rest of our days living happily ever after. But in reality, we are all doomed to experience dating games that lead to booty calls and chill. Another top reason why Adulting is hard.

 4. Making your own food is a struggle
  Nothing beats your mom’s home cooked meal they say but your mom isn’t always there to prepare you a packed lunch. It is hard to feed your own self when you live in a place of your own. Making breakfast is a struggle because of our shitty jobs that start as early as 8 am, buying lunch at our office or in a restaurant is expensive, eating dinner doesn’t seem like a priority because of overtimes and late night meetings. Having someone to cook for you is the best feeling ever, but were talking about adults here. Adults prepare and make their own food and that just literally sucks especially when you’re a busy person.

5. Making time to go to the gym
    Between all of your adult responsibilities, it’s almost impossible to find time to go to the gym and lose that flabby tummy of yours. And that’s really not sexy.

6. Drinking coffee
  Remember the times when your idea of drinking coffee was sitting in your favorite Starbucks coffee shop for hours on end sipping from your Mocha Frappuccino and just gossipping with your best friends about that hot new student in your class? But now in our Adult reality, It’s more of how quick can I get this caffeine coursing through my veins? We are likely to drink coffee not to gossip about that cute guy but because we need a booze for our endless shit loads of papers to finish. So not cool.

7. Acting like an adult
  Have you ever noticed that since you became an adult, everyone’s expectations of how you should act have changed? They suddenly expect you to keep on eye on everything such as career, yourself, life, and relationships. Adulthood may allow you to choose how to live your life more openly than as a child, but the pressures of acting like an adult can be tough to balance.

8. Pressure to get married
  When you’ve already got a stable job and a nice place to live,  it’s likely that your family and friends will start asking you about marriage and settling down. It can be frustrating to answer them as to why you are not getting married yet.

9. Understanding yourself
    Getting to know yourself is a long cycle for you. We need to experience things to force us to get to know ourselves. It is a hard thing to understand what we aspire in this life. Our interests and likes may vary from one experience to another. That’s why adulthood is hard because we only understand ourselves when we’re faced with challenges and situations.

10. No more summer vacations
      Totally not cool. Adults are doomed to work all summer vacation. We don’t have much time to travel or spend summer vacations because we are bound to work for the rest of our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. An i tell you, it really sucks to be in your office finishing all the tasks you are bound to finish while other people are enjoying their summer vacation.

Adulting is something we all have to adjust to, so stop whining and work your asses off towards your career because adulting will never be easy (unless of course you married Ryan Gosling).

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