A Guide to Self-Care Morning Routine

Have you ever experienced waking up from a deep sleep and felt like you cannot make it throughout the day? or Have you ever experienced hating yourself for having messy mornings that slowly turn into unproductive ones?
Mornings are not just a reminder to wake up from sleep, Mornings are daily miracles given to us so that we can have inner peace with ourselves, they are a fresh start for our lives so we can live an entirely new day with a new mind body and soul. It is important to always be kind to ourselves when waking up because it is an opportunity to be born again and revamp your life. A self care morning routine is the answer to our unproductive days so that we can always reflect on our emotions and achieve what body needs.
Whether you are a morning person or not, I listed a few routines to get you going as soon as you wake up from a deep slumber. Here are the self care morning rituals you can follow that are good for your mind, body and spirit.
Once you opened your eyes after sleeping, take time to relax and lie down for just a couple of minutes because your mind needs to process for a while before doing specific tasks. Jumping right out to bed would be a bad decision for your brain and organs are not yet fully functional at the moment. So take it easy.
A glimpse of sunshine is an important thing in the morning open your windows or curtains and let a ray of sunshine penetrate your room. It would be a great benefit not just for your body but for your soul as well. Take time to inhale the fresh air that nature brings! Breathe. You can even take a minute to let the sun shine down at your spine for a good Vitamin D for your bones!
Drink a glass of water after waking up, Your body needs fluid to be able to re-hydrate your brain. did you know that a glass of water infused with lemon is great and beneficial for your skin? It also helps in flushing out toxins and I bet you know don’t you? So do it. And also do not forget to splash your face with cold water to wake up your sleepy spirit.


This is a step that most of us don’t follow, it may be because of our busy schedules, or because were already late from work or school. But enjoying breakfast is the key to self care. I personally believed that embracing the moment of having breakfast leads to a happy mind and happy tummy. You can simply, prepare a snack or even eat some yogurt mixed with strawberry, fry some eggs , eat a bowl of cereal, drink coffee / tea or even toast some Crispy bacon. because who wouldn’t love breakfast bacon right? I say Go eat what you want for breakfast and take time to savor the flavor of a morning meal to get your day right.
Believe me when i say a few yoga poses will do wonders for your spine and spirit! Take time to meditate and do a child pose even for just 5 minutes, There are a lot of beginner’s guide to yoga poses all over the internet, you can even just pick 5 poses if you’re in a hurry. Because in a world full of stress you literally need to stretch, never underestimate the power of Yoga.

This is a basic need everyday. And when i say good hygiene, It stars from your hair down to your toes. Have you ever tried sitting with a stranger and hair smells like piss and despair? Yep. see that’s why good hygiene is important. Go and lather some of your favorite lotion. clip your toenails because germs can get trapped inside long nails. Brush and floss your teeth (so you go flash that killer smile) Iron your clothes and put on a mist of your perfume. Having a good hygiene is essential for our well being because it does not only make you look good but it also attracts people around you.
and before going to school or work, always remember to follow step 7 for a complete Self care morning routine for a brighter future.
Selena Gomez once composed a song called Kill em with kindness, I guess that’s why she became a popular girl because despite all of the negative criticism to her voice, she just show her bashers with a kill em kindness attitude. always remember to be polite and kind  to everyone, because Kindness really goes a long way if it is paired with a beautiful smile.

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