Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud

         We live in a world full of anger and hatred, everyone has their own struggles and battles to fight yet we often don’t care how to make it a better place to live in.  We do not take enough time to look around us and appreciate everything that we have. It can be easy to think that one person couldn’t possibly do enough to change this world. But the truth is, we just don’t act unless there’s something in it for us.

        To be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud is a beautiful and powerful quote from Maya Angelou. It tells us that we must try to be the person who puts their feelings and worries aside in order to lift other spirits up when they’re down. We must be the person who brings a smile to someone who is going through a rough patch in their life. Because a positive attitude reminds people that every cloud has a silver lining. We must always choose to be the rainbow in their cloud so we can help them open their eyes to see that there is beauty in every dark moment.

It takes so little effort to brighten up someone else’s day. You don’t need to make a grand gesture. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference in someone’s life.

We rounded up a few simple things you can do to make someone smile today:
1.  Offer a random compliment
          This seems like a pretty obvious thing to do, but it takes a lot more guts than people think. I personally admit that I have trouble giving people compliments because I’m shy. But I realized what big difference would it make if I practiced giving a genuine compliment. It’s a natural human need, isn’t it? We all yearn for a simple thank you, you’ve done well, or even a  “your haircut looks good on you” kind of compliment. Giving a genuine compliment is an amazing positivity boost. It makes people feel good and make others want to be around you.
2. Act of chivalry
          Chivalry never died. The gentleman in most men did. But I personally believe that both men and women should be chivalrous at all times. It should be practiced and introduced to everyone. Simple deeds like opening doors, offering seats, being thoughtful and polite are considered a random act of “Knight” ness that is referred to as old fashioned chivalry. 

3. Make it a habit to respect everyone
         Always keep in mind that you owe everyone a basic level of respect. When you demonstrate respect for others, you give value to their ideals. Learning to respect people’s efforts, abilities and opinions will make them happy and feel valued.

4. Reach out and make rapid connections
        Reaching out to others doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Always make it a goal to invite someone out to lunch and ask them about life. Learn to offer your insights and expertise whenever possible without asking for something in return. Also, Seeking and giving advice to others will make them feel important and it will also help you increase your relationships in a positive way.

5. Engage with people

        Those with positive influence and behavior understand the power of relationships and connections. We need to show emotional support to everyone because we all have battles in life. Emotional support is a fundamental form of communication that can uplift the feelings of others making them feel motivated and inspired. 

Follow these simple steps to make others happy and will make you feel fulfilled. Keep in mind that you should always try to be a rainbow in someone else’s dark cloud. You have the opportunity to make someone else’s day brighter, so why not go out and do it? 

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