Love Is the Closest Thing We Have to Magic

I think that love is the closest thing we have to pure magic. When two people fall in love, they create a kind of bond that no one can touch and see just like tricks and illusions in the world of magic in which our eyes can’t recognize. Their world seems like a great place to be in that life seems worthy of living. We say love is close to magic because it is one of the most precious experiences in life. It is a strange and powerful feeling that could make our hearts flutter. People do not want to be called as fools for believing in magic because there is no such thing, but when people fall in love they also fall into a trap of magical feeling and later find their selves believing and swooning over the idea of love.
I personally believe that love is next to magic, but not the kind shown in fairy tales or fantasy movies where at the end people are sprinkled with sparkles and glitters. Love is defined as the closest thing next to magic because people experience a kind of love that could make them  turn into a different kind of person. Believe it or not, true love exists. I’ve seen it. You’ve seen it. We’ve all seen it. But just like magic, True love requires work. We all want a kind of love that never leaves, we want a love that could make our stomachs churn, we want a person who enjoys and respects us, we want someone who looks at us like we were the greatest thing in this world that has ever happened to them, we want a kind of love where every tiny details of our life matters to them, We want someone who will always be there for us no matter what situation were in. We all want a love that makes us feel valued and respected for our similarities and differences. In order for us to achieve that kind of love, we surrender our hearts to that someone, we willingly do everything that we can , we always try to navigate our ways just to feel a sense of true love that could make us go wild and happy. and when we reach a love that is comforting, This is where the magic starts.
We tend to prepare our hearts for happiness and romance but not for heartaches and pains. People choose to quit and start over once the spark fades. But this shouldn’t nt be the reason to throw away everything. We should always look back and feel that the love we felt is pure magic. We always get tired of fighting for the love that we want because we always think that every break up leads to a hopeless case. We are so scared of fighting for our relationships because we think that people might talk about how attached or crazy we are. Love shouldnt be about quitting. Love has the ability to carry all burdens because it can  traverses through different obstacles. It should bear all criticism and hurtful actions. Love can make the world a better place that’s why we should always choose love above everything else because It is the only real thing we have next to magic.

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