Why We Broke Up?

Why we broke up?

They say love is like the sun. It’s like what we automatically look for in the morning. The warm embrace that tells us ‘yes you’re still alive’. It gives us energy to live our life and also to love, like a spotlight, it teaches us where to go or how can we go to the places we wanted to see.
They say love is like the sun. We have been waiting for a while for it to shine. That even if it’s hard for our eyes to stare at it, we don’t give up. We want it, we wanted it. That even we know we’ll get hurt in front of it, we’ll still risk. We love it, we loved it.
But just like the sun, we will all get tired. But just like the sun, we all need to set and stop for a while, in order for us to know why we broke up.
Maybe I love you and I miss you is not enough. Maybe we looked for I trust you, I understand you and I’m sorry.

Maybe it’s not just the right time. Maybe we all have dreams in our life that we are so eager to achieve it, we have forgotten each other. You have your priorities, I also have mine. Maybe it’s not just the right time.
Maybe it’s not me or it’s not you. Maybe we are not destined for each other. Maybe even if we pushed ourselves a million times, we are not meant for each other.
Maybe we are not yet ready. We always fight, we always argue with everything.
Maybe we need to stop this trip that we don’t even know where are we heading.
Maybe we need to rest. Maybe you got tired, maybe I got tired. Maybe we need to breathe in our own. Maybe in the end we are destined for each other.
But today is not just the right time.

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