10 Best Small Business Ideas you can start with little or no capital

At the start of the year, experts believed that 2017 will be the best year for entrepreneurs.  We are already down to last 5 months of this great year and If you are still planning to start a small business but confused about what kind is best for you, We are going to give you a list of best small business ideas and opportunities to help you decide what business to engage in.

With just a small capital that’s below  15,000, We’ve listed the Best Small Profitable Ideas for you:

1. Start An Online Business

With today’s Technology, there are already a lot of small scale business ideas that are easy to handle.  All you need is a decent stable internet connection, computer and hard work to run your business. 

 Here are some ways how you can earn through online:

*professional freelancer
*Sell something online
*start with blogging
*resume/cover letter writing
*handmade craft seller

2. Rental Business
 This a popular business idea and it is considered one of the most profitble. If you have something like gadgets, instruments, cars, trucks or anything that ther people may rent for occasions or daily activities, this idea is good for you.  Here’s a list of common things people rent:

*Service vans, cars, jeepney, tricycle
*Rooms/space for rent
*Stereos, videoke, sounds, and lighting
* costumes, gowns, coats

3. Online Grocery Delivery
If you live near in a supermarket, you might want to start to build your own online gorceru business by creating online apps that people on social media can access to. 

If you can make arrangements with your local supermarkets, this can be a big time business. All you need is to make connections, do scheduling, updated price list of products and delivery services.

5. Sell school supplies

 This is another small profitable business that will surely not go down anytime soon. If you’re able to get a location where there’s a loyt of schools nearby, you can make a good business out of it. Another great thing here is they materials seldom expires.

6. Ukay ukay/ Thrift shop/ clothing store

 We’re generally thrifty and search for the cheapest and most affordable but usable second-hand clothes. To be able to start one, you will need to invest on stocks and clothes that are in trend to easily attract customers. You can even make app pages and accounts so that people can access your shop through social media. 

7. Load Retailer 

 Since everyone has cell phones these days, this can be a good sideline. The good thing about this business is you don’t have to shell out a lot of money and you can sell load anywhere you go.

8.  Food Cart Business 

If you’re going to start a food business you need to carefully plan how you are going to compete with other business owners. There a lot of choices in the market today, you can even franchise or create your own name. 

9. Dog Breeding Business

If you’re a dog lover, dog breeding is a good business to start. You can start with one dog of one breed then and from there expand your business by acquiring different dog breeds. This is a sure profitable idea because dogs are sold at a  higher price today.

10. Party Needs Services

This is an easy business to start with because there a lot of cheap party stores that you can buy from. It is a good business idea because there will be parties everywhere and all of them will be needing balloons, decorations, tables, chairs and other party favors.  This requires only small capital but can give you big profits when scaled up.

 Keeping an eye on key trends and new development is indeed very important for anyone who wants to start a business.  With the right amount of patience, hard work, and perseverance you will surely get enough profits to help you pay your bills and save money in the future.

Source: powerpinoys.com

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