8 Filipino celebrities that are proud to be retokada

It is no surprise that Filipino celebrities can afford to have their faces ‘improved’ through cosmetic surgery.
In fact, these 7 Filipino celebrities below are proud to showcase their money’s worth and have spoken freely about it.
Here our top 8 Filipinoo celebrities who are proud retokadas:
1. Pops Fernandez 
Pops had her lips plumped like the Hollywood actress Angelina jolie. In this picture it sure looks like Pops had undergone cosmetic enhancement to achieve fuller lips. 
2. Jinkee Pacquiao
The Famous Jinkee Pacquiao had undergone liposuction after giving her birth to her daughter Princess. In Vicki Belo’s Instagram posts, Jinkee was featured undergoing different treatments for her body and skin. She’s definitely our top proud retokada!
3. Ruffa Gutierrez

Ruffa Gutierrez has also undergone liposuction at the Belo Medical Group. According to her, her mom asked her after she saw how the treatment worked to Jinkee Pacquiao. She also had non-nvasive slimming treatments that tightens sagging skin. 
4. Gretchen Barretto
The Barretto clan are known for their fame and beauty, but Actress Gretchen Barretto had her lips done in 2009. According to her, she had her lips done from thin lips and kissable ones. 
5. KitKat

She’s one of the local female celebrities that had undergone comestic surgery. In an interview, kitkat stated “hindi ako nagpagawa ng balakang pumayat lang ako.  ilong, boobs and lipo lang ang ginawa sakin”. She also admitted on enhancing her breast.
6. Vice Ganda
Vice is one of the most popular comedian today, He admitted how helpful Belo Medical Group is because it boosted his self-confidence. The comedian had his underarm done with botox to reduce sweating and to brighten dark areas.

7. Jennylyn Mercado
Jennylyn Mercado said to have undergone breast enlargement procedure. Today Jennlyn is considered one of the sexiest female actress in showbiz.
8. Kris Aquino
The Queen of all media, Kris Aquino had her tummy tucked and her nose done. She also had breast augmentation and undergone liposuction.

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