Guyabano as the Miracle cure for cancer–10,000 times stronger than Chemo

Did you know that this fruit is considered as the most potent agent and popular natural fighter against cancer? Guyabano or Sour-sop is a popular fruit and known as a miraculous cancer cell killer that is apparently 10,000 times stronger than Chemotherapy. This fruit is a tree that grows about five to seven meters high has therefore claimed to be a miraculous as it aids the effect of tumor.

Going through treatments and medication is quite expensive for some of us. There are numerous natural remedy that can help individuals to fight and prevent cancer. And our top miracle fruit is Guyabano.

One study shows that a chemical in Guyabano was found to particularly kill cancer cells as 10,000 times stronger than a Chemotherapy drug.This is a good prescription for those people who are in need of it for everyone a means of prevention. 

Benefits Of Guyabano

Guyabano fruit has been found to posses a lot of medicinal properties that a lot of people would benefit from . This miracle plant can kill tumor cells, fight against bacterial infections, lowers the level of blood pressure and treat asthma.

It can also treat depression, stress, defend your immune system while preventing infections, as well as improving your entire being.

Taking Guyabano

Fresh Guyabano is much healthier than the usual Guyabano flavored drinks or supplements bought on drugstore. For those of you who are suffering from diseases or just wants to prevent their body against infection, Try drinking or eating Guyabano every day. 

With all the good benefits in mind, it just makes sense to give Guyabano a try. Here are ways how to perfectly blend your miracle fruit.


1 cup Guyabano fruit
3 and 1/2 tablespoon of milk
2 tsb of raw honey
ice cubes


1. Combine all the ingredient and place it in a blender. Blend it for 2 minutes and serve.

Because one Guyabano a day, goes a long way.

SOURCE: Pinoy health guide

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