Lazy Life hacks to lose weight (without exercising)

Tired of hitting the gym? worry not because today I am sharing with you some Lazy Life hacks for weight loss that actually works. Most of us have already tried all the diet plans out there or we even bought a video teaching us how to do a perfect crunch. Maybe we’ve failed in the past and got tired of doing the same workout every day, but there are truly effective ways to lose weight without even hitting the gym.

For the lazy person in all of us, here are 10 different life hacks to help you lose weight, burn fat faster and keep it off: No gym membership required.

1. Drink Water

 Did you know that drinking 2 cups of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach can boost your metabolism faster by 30%? Drinking water before breakfast fills your stomach up so you don’t overeat. Recent studies have shown that if you drink water before each meal for 12 weeks, you will lose 4.5 pounds or more than if you just eat normally.

2. Eat on a smaller plate

I’ve been recently doing these trick and it really helps me to eat less. Instead of eating on a normal plate, try using a smaller plate to trick your brain that you’re eating more than you’re actually are. You ‘ll  psychologically feel fuller.  

3. Green tea

Drinking a cup of green tea before bedtime increases your metabolism so you can burn more calories while sleeping. 

4. Wear fitting clothes before eating

This is a crazy hack but it is really effective because it controls your portions. When you eat wearing a fit clothing, you tend to feel full because it makes you feel hard to breathe after every meal.

5. Watch an intense and scary movie

Try watching a bunch of series that have a genre of thriller, mystery, and horror. It makes you feel focus on the movie and you tend to remove attention to food. All the screaming and excitement you feel helps you burn calories. The scarier it is, the more calories you burn.

6.  Pamper yourself 

Stress can lead you to bad decisions and makes you crave foods that cause weight gain. Instead of spending your free time eating at fast food chains, It’s much better to have a relaxing body massage.  

7. Get a Dog

Buying a dog can be on of the healthiest choices you may make in your whole life because a dog forces you to insert certain activities daily. Let’s say you walk the dog twice a day, you will be moving about 30 mins every day and that’s a recommended daily activity without even forcing yourself to workout. You can lose weight just by getting a dog. 

8. Sleep

Studies have found that lack of sleep is a bad choice for your body’s metabolism and getting 7-8 hours a day of sleep boosts your metabolism. For all the lazy people out there, you can sleep in and not even have to feel bad for it. 

9. Go Low Carb

This type of diet can help you lose 2 or more pounds a week. You don’t have to scan food labels, all you really need to do is know which types of foods you shouldn’t eat. A low carb diet is low in carbohydrates like sugary food, pasta, and bread. Instead, you eat real foods including protein, natural fats, and vegetables.

10. Limit sources of temptation ad cravings

Admit it or not, we are the biggest offender of this because we always get food envy when scrolling down Instagram and Facebook. I actually love watching Gordon Ramsay’s videos on Facebook and then the next minute I’m eating something and I don’t even know how it got there. So stop watching videos about food especially at night because it makes you want to eat something. 


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