STOP BUYING LEMONS: Here’s How To Grow Unlimited Lemon By Just One Seed

Lemons are such refreshing fruits that are a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals.
Well, lucky for you! We will show you how to grow a lemon tree inside your house by using the seed from the lemon.

Things you will need: • Breathable plastic bag • Lemon • Pot or container • Area wherein sunlight is visible

Steps: 1. Dampen your plotting soil by placing in into a container and blending it with some water. Fill your bowl with watered soil, omitting about an inch of space beneath its rim.
2. Slice open your lemon and look a seed that’s in decent shape. Suck on the seed so that all the flesh is removed, making sure that it doesn’t dry out (it needs to be moist when planted. Plant your seed about a half inch beneath the soil and water it with a squirt bottle or gently with a watering can.)
3. Cover your container with the breathable plastic to make sure that it stays warm and moist, and place it in a warm area.
4. Make sure it is not too damp; however, as too much moisture will cause the seed to rot; try to find the nice balance.
Observe it for the next week or two and keep an eye on the area where you planted the seed.
5. When you notice it begin to sprout, remove the plastic cover. Once the plant has sprouted move it to an area that is still warm but has direct sunlight.

Source: the reader’s file

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