Struggles of being a lazy person

Have you ever wanted to do something but you actually never had the chance to do it just because you feel tired? Are you the kind of person who is just plain lazy to do everything? Being lazy isn’t a choice. As the saying goes, “We didn’t choose the lazy life, the lazy life chose us”. Everyone thinks that all lazy people do is just to sleep and eat, this may be somewhat true, but behind that, there’s a lot more to it than just the two.

I’ve listed below the things only lazy people will understand. And of course if you’re a certified lazy person you would skip this because it looks a lot for you, but please read the whole thing.

Here’s to all the lazy people out there!

1. Showering is a process. You seem to be an expert at shower avoidance. If it’s just possible for someone to do it for you, why not right?

2. When it comes to being lazy, money is no object so you pay for unnecessary things because if you can pay out of having to do something, you’ll do it.

3. You carry all those grocery bags like you have superman’s strength powers because there’s no way you’re making more than one trip to carry in the groceries.

4. You have perfected the “Just woke up” look because you’re too tired to put a lot of makeup. And your hair is done by using your specialized finger comb

5. You always promise yourself on a daily basis that you will actually go to the gym tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes.

6. You’ve definitely slept in your clothes after a long day (of binge-watching tv series) though you never actually got dressed during the day in the first place. Yikes!

7. You actually hate the annoying ads that show in every facebook video on your timeline. Why Facebook, why?!

8. Once upon a time, you pretended you had a serious reason for not going out with your friends, but the truth is, leaving your house is a no no.

9. Buying microwavable food because cooking something is pure torture. Why cook for 15 minutes when you can just heat it up 2 minutes, right?

10. Your laundry keeps on piling up. Conquering the laundry mountain is not gonna happen.  The piles just keep growing and growing.

11. Not paying the bills on time even though you’ve memorized the due date because you’ve told yourself a hundred times to pay it, but it’s just not happening.

12. Letting your food expire and rot because it makes you feel guilty for throwing away leftovers so you let it sit in your dining table until it rots and then there’s no more guiltiness to feel because the moths have eaten it already

13. You let snooze do its own thing. And you ignore the alarm you’ve actually set. (way to go snooze!)

14. When your friends cancel plans you’re secretly really glad because of your unbreakable bond with your bed

15.  You’re always late because your urge to lounge overpowers your urge to move. No matter how fast you scramble, your lateness is pretty much destined.

16. You’re actually good at multi-tasking. Because creating a to-do list and single tasking is a bane of your existence.

Embrace your Laziness!

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