Why Millennials suck at relationships

This Generation is completely losing the ability to love. We seriously suck at romance because admit it or not, millennials are selfish, indecisive, always needing a new source of emotional stimulation and at the same time worried that we’ll miss out on everything.

It really becomes increasingly difficult to date someone because we are not looking for love anymore.We tend to portray the idea of being strong and not needing one another but the truth is, we all needed one another.

Millenials tend to waste time playing the most pointless mind games and supporting every stupid hookups because they care more about on instant gratification rather than self-respect. Not only we are losing touch with dating and romance, but younger people are also becoming more like us.

Here are 5 reasons why millennials suck at romance:

1. We date for the sake of dating
  Online Dating has become the most popular pastime among millennials. The truth is, we are under the impression that the best way not to suck in love is to date as often as possible. This logic brings about countless horrible relationships that never ought to have been in the first place.

2. We are cowards
We’re too afraid to fight for the love that we deserve so we always end up broken hearted because we’re constantly acting like everything’s fine and never truly expressing our feelings. Some of us don’t even have the respect to break up face to face they instead run away and hide behind their phones because they are afraid of confrontations and deep conversations.

3. We have high standards
 Millenials today have high standards when it comes to choosing their partners. We often daydream about our ideal soulmate and focus on the physical well-being of that person. In the world of social media, having a partner checklist is so popular that we tend to take it seriously way too early without even knowing the deepest and darkest secret of that person.

4. We think that cheating is just plain cheating
 People think that cheating is okay, that having sex with another woman is okay as long as you don’t have romantic feelings for that person. Screw that. It is plain stupid to think that cheating is just cheating. Millenials should never accept cheating as a form of mistake because it’s not. Cheating is an option.

5. We don’t know how to make it work
Every relationship requires work. We should know how to make willing efforts to make our relationships work. Love is not just going to drop in our laps and last forever, we have to work for it to grow in a deep and real love.

source: bolde.com

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