6 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally: Change Your lifestyle

High Blood Pressure is a common condition in adults. It plays a contributing role in deaths worldwide. This is a silent killer because it causes no symptoms and sometimes it automatically leads to heart attack and stroke.

Medications can help lower blood pressure but it may cause side effects such as leg cramps, dizziness and insomnia. Most of us can bring down blood pressure naturally with natural home remedies, but it is important to practice these natural steps to help prevent a high blood pressure.

10 Ways to Practice to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally:

1. Go walking or jogging

Get a vigorous cardio workout for at least 30 minutes three times a week. Exercise can help the heart use oxygen more efficiently so it doesn’t work as hard to pump blood. Be sure to exercise regularly.

2.  Reduce stress

Stress can increase blood pressure so it is important to pay attention to lowering your stress if you’re at risk for high blood pressure.

There are plenty of activities that can help you stay calm while dealing with daily stresses. Try meditation or Yoga to reduce stress and depression.

3.  Sip 3 cups of hibiscus tea daily
Studies suggest drinking 3 cups of tea daily to lower systolic blood pressure. Many herbal teas contain hibiscus, this improves their blood pressure.

4.  Eat a healthy diet

Eating a diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables can lower your blood pressure by up to 14mmHg. Try keeping a food diary to write down all the food that you ate. Track all the salty food and remind yourself to eat only the good meal.

5. Limit the alcohol you drink
Drinking alcohol regularly in big amounts can potentially increase your blood pressure. Drinking more than moderate amounts of alcohol will raise it up for several points.

6. Cut back on Caffeine
Caffeine can raise blood pressure by as much as 10 mmHg in people who rarely consume it. Although the effects of chronic caffeine ingestion aren’t clear, the possibility of a slight increase in blood pressure exists.

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