Dangers of sleeping near your cellphone at night

If you are always sleeping with you phone under your pillow at night or it’s just out of reach on a night stand, you need to stop that immediately. Keeping your cellphone turned and near you while sleeping can be hazardous to your health.
We’ve listed some reasons why it is harmful to sleep while your phone is turned on and near you:
1. You may set your room on fire
Believe it or not, your cellphone has enough power to spark and cause a fire very easily. If your phone is under your pillow, a spark could easily ignite those dry material and could start a fire especially if you haven’t turned it off and placed it under your pillow.

2. You are likely to be exposed to Radiation
Researchers are not yet sure whether excessive contact with your phone leads to cancer, but it is already proven that it emits small amounts of radiation while turned on. A study showed that cell phones can be dangerous to children because their skulls are much thinner than that of an adult. Leaving the phone next to their heads while they sleep allows the small radiation to penetrate their skulls.

3. It Derails Brain Functions
When the blue light and all the noises associated with a mobile phone interrupt your sleep, you are in fact derailing the acitivyt of the brain. A study wasconducted with healthy test subjects who were exposed to WiFi radation for only 45 minutes and they experience a signifacnt decrease in energy levels. Try investing in a small alarm clock and turn off your cellphone at night so you have zero interruptions. 
source: fithog

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