Kim Chiu’s Mansion Looks Like a Doll House! Check out her 5 Pink Rooms

Kim Chiu is a famous artist in the Philippines and known as “Chinita Princess”. Thi is due to the fact that she often portrays extremely girly roles and also acts quite a lady-like off cam. 

She considers her multi-million peso home in Quezon City her biggest investment and if it were solely up to her, she’d paint it pink from floor to ceiling. 

Look at her 5 pink rooms below:

1. This is where Kim entertain her friends, it’s her first-floor living room. It’s complete with a home theatre system, XBox 360 and a Filmography media player. 

 2. It was Kris Aquino who gave Kim the idea of installing a private salon in her home. Her interior designer, Janet Torio, suggested to add black.

 3. Kim Feng shui consultant, Joy Lim suggested adding those painted peonies t help her find her true love. The large bear is from Xian Lim, while the two smaller ones are from Gerald Anderson.

 4. Kim’s pink bathroom has bathtub and Sauna.   

 5. Kim’s own living room is entirely decorated with a pink rug, pink pillows, and pink study table. 

 6. She had her third floor converted into a walk-in closet where she placed all of her outfits and collections.

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