Let Us take a Look on How Luxurious Kris Aquino’s Kitchen Is!

The kitchen is the heart of the home because food is what keeps us alive. Kitchens are usually equipped with three basic things: a sink with a space for preparation of food, a stove for cooking, and a refrigerator for storing food. Some say that while life may be created in the bedroom, but for Kris it is in the kitchen where life may be created.

Kris Aquino gives us with #TheKrisList ever Sunday. The latest episode gave us a peek into her new kitchen and how she cooks her favorite food which is Adobo with her 2 sons.

Aside from a new recipe of Adobo, she also shared how her new kitchen looks like. Kris, who loves to eat and cook for her two boys, opted to have a simpler layout for her home in Quezon City. Her modern kitchen has a marble-top kitchen island to hold her collection of cookbooks, as well as storage drawers for her collection of silverware.

Notice how big Kris’ kitchen is? It is certainly accommodating many guests. Did you notice the large refrigerators and how the counters double as dining areas? The ceiling was pretty high as well to provide a larger place.

Kris, in terms of life, the kitchen should always go big. 

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