Look: ‘Super Inggo’ Makisig Morales is studying to become a chef!

Little Big Star Winner and ABS CBN superhero series ‘Super Inggo’ actor Makisig Morales is training to become a chef.
Makisig has found new life in Australia with his family.
The former ‘Super Inggo’ star now works as a part-time service crew in an international fast food chain while attending school at the same time.

Makisig who is currently based in Australia has been giving his Instagram Followers a glimpse of His life in culinary School.

Earlier this month, he shared his life as a fast food restaurant crew member, a side job he took while pursuing his studies.
He left Philippine Showbiz in 2014 to be with his family.
Here are some of the healthy dishes that Makisig had prepared:

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