Silent Signs That Indicate a Person’s Body is too Acidic and How to Avoid It

The body is also more prone to bacteria and illnesses if you are acidic. Acidosis is not a minor health issue to just set aside. You’ll never know when its symptoms occur.

Mild acidosis (poor pH balance) can cause the following:

1. Joint pain and aching muscles
Too much acid in the body can cause the muscles to constrict, which further obstructs the oxygen-carrying blood capillaries running through the muscles, causing strain and oxygen deprivation. Muscle pain accompanied by fatigue is an even clearer indication of an acid overload in the body.

2. Osteoporosis
When your fluids are too acidic, your body will do everything in its power to maintain an alkaline balance to keep functioning properly. The body will compensate by pulling minerals from your tissues and other organs to alkalize and minimize acidity. One of these minerals is calcium found in your bones, necessary for maintaining their strength. Your bones become weak when your body depletes their calcium reserve in order to neutralize the acidity of your body.

3. Cavities, inflamed sensitive gums
Just as your bones hold calcium, so do your teeth. Excess acid in the body also results in your system pulling calcium from your teeth to alkalize your body and prevent it from getting sick. You may also develop cavities, which may be particularly painful when you consume something sweet. Another associated symptom includes bleeding gums, which may occur right after you brush your teeth.

4. Respiratory problems or coughs
Mucus production is the body’s natural defense mechanism against an acid buildup in an effort to flush it out of the body through the nasal passage. It might also indicate an acid buildup in the nasal passage itself.

5. Weight gain, obesity
When your body’s alkaline balance is not maintained, there is excess waste product in the form of acid in your body. This excess acid is not being eliminated because the colon, kidneys, lymph system and skin — organs responsible for flushing toxins out of the body— are overwhelmed with a torrent of toxins from the excess acid. This is the reason you are unable to lose weight when your body is too acidic.
Here are the ways to improve your alkalinity and get over your acidity problems
1. Remove acidic foods
2. Drink plenty of water
3. Check you pH daily
4. Associate your meal with green leafy vegetables
5. Minimize consuming processed foods
6. Replace soda and coffee with herbal tea and green drinks

7. Try coconut milk or almond milk instead of the traditional dairy milk

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