These are the Early signs of heart attack you must know, Even if you are young

If you thought that stroke just attack old people then think again. Even doctors admit that stroke can attack you at any age. It is known that the risk of stroke increases with age. A woman named Katie May died from stroke in February 2017 at age 34 when she simply collapsed during a photo shoot and died after in the hospital. They thought she died from pinched nerve, but it was because of stroke.
Here are the early signs of stroke:
1. Blurred or Loss Vision
The onset of stroke can cause blurred vision in either one or both eyes. 44% of people who suffered stroke in the UK mentioned that loss of vision is a strong and early sign of stroke.
2. Sudden bouts of Dizziness and Headache
Dizziness is a strong warning sign of possible stroke especially in women below 4. If you ever happen to feel sudden dizziness or head swings, seek a medical help.
3. There is sudden numbness in the limbs
Katie May, who suffered stroke at a young age felt as if she pinched her nerve.This may cause paralysis and is linked to the side of the brain.
4. Shortness of breath and Palpitations
There is difficulty in breathing when stroke occurs, this can cause heart palpitations and rapid heart rate. This sign is predominant in women, but still should not be ignored as well.
5. Incoherent Language
Slurred speech is the earliest sign of stroke. At first it may be small examples of misconceptions of time or day. It is also accompanied by sudden confusion and trouble speaking and understanding.

Prevent stroke by eating a healthy diet and making sure you exercise regularly. Avoid smoking and alcohol to reduce the risk of stroke.

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