This Woman Changed Her Physical Appearance After She Became A Victim Of Bullying and She’s Now Marrying A Rich Man!

Some individuals have constantly been bullied by the people around them due to their appearance. They get criticized by society just because they don’t fit the definition of what is beautiful.

A 22-year old woman from Vietnam named Kouk has been bullied for her physical appearance since she was a little girl. She was often taunted in school because of her looks and was treated the same way until she reached college. Often, she would be left in a corner all alone since no one wanted to be with her.
Eventually, she decided that enough was enough and started making changes to herself. Just like many women who wish to become beautiful, she underwent cosmetic surgery which cost her around US$14,000 (around P72,000). Among the things she changed were her skin color and the shape of her nose.

Having plastic surgery gave her the confidence she never had her entire life.
But her story doesn’t stop there. Later on in her life, she was able to attract the attention of many men and she eventually got married to a rich businessman who fell madly in love with her.

Now, the people who bullied her couldn’t believe her amazing transformation and regret all the bullying they did to her.
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