“GOD’S GIFT”: This plant can cure over 100 diseases using this method!

Together with garlic, onion is known the best ingredients for different kind of cuisine all over the world. Aside from cooking, onion is also considered one of the healthiest vegetable in the world, because of its wide known health benefits.

Onion is one good source of vitamin B6, C, manganese and dietary fiber.

Health benefits of onions:

    • Onions have anti viral and anti bacterial properties that can kill bacteria and germs.
            • Onion has the ability to heal infections and reduce inflammation.
            • Onions bright green tops of green onions are a rich source of vitamin A.
            • Eating raw onion can reduce the production of bad cholesterol that will keep your heart healthy.
            • Quercetin a powerful compound found in onions that prevents cancer.
            • Onion can relieve the pain and burning sensation of a bee sting.
            • Onions lower the risk of gastric ulcers due to scavenging free radicals.
            • Even though onions have the ability to treat great numbers of health conditions, today we will present you in which way you can use onions to remove toxins from your organism.
            • Onion is an excellent air purifier, which means that its top usage will eliminate all the bacteria and germs.
            • The phosphoric acid that the onions contain will enter your blood and in this process will purify as well as destroy any germs and bacteria.

            Onions on feet:
            To do the treatment correctly and get the best result, you need to put onion slices at the bottom of your feet by securing it with socks before sleeping. This particular area of your feet contains meridians which are open points that access directly to your internal organs. Meridians are actually are pathways to the nervous system and your internal organs.

            Benefits of onions on feet:

            Having onions on feet is a way of absorbing phosphoric acid much faster entering to the skin, this process will help purify blood. Because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties, onion has the ability to eliminate germs. It also purifies air.
            Source: The Artikulo News

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