Look: Gretchen Barretto Rides HK Train While Wearing Expensive and Luxurious Jewelry

Gretchen Barreto aka ‘La Greta’ always leave us speechless with her fabulous outfits of the day. 

The Showbiz actress is a fan of luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. She always wear jaw-dropping signature brands.

On her Recent activities, Gretchen revealed that she is in Hongkong through an Instagram Video.

On her other posts, Gretchen rides a Hongkong Train wearing white and gold pearls from ‘Jewelmer’ a French Jewelry brand. Her jewelries look so expensive that even her diamond rings and pearl earrings are sparkling.

In the video, Gretchen can be heard saying to the one who;s taking the video, “Can you take (a video) of my shoes?”

Some netizens reacted on her posts, some called the actress a ‘show off’, one commenter accused her act of bragging her luxurious life a cheap move.

But for some netizens, whether Gretchen wears expensive jewelries or not, she will still look Fabulous. 

source: tnp.com.ph
screengrab via https://www.instagram.com/gretchenbarretto/?hl=tl

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