Treat cavities effectively by only using eggshells!

We all know that visiting our dentist at least once a year is necessary to our oral health. Instead of having great value for treatments which often don’t give you the best results, you can turn to your refrigerator inside which the greatest ingredient that heals your cavities.

Eggshells are foundation of calcium in the truest sense. And they can help cure cavities efficiently. Minerals found in eggshells are Calcium, Magnesium, Silicon, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Iron, Sulphur and Aluminum which can be a primary mineral required for strong and healthy teeth.
The one main reason why eggshells are the best in treating cavities is they contain huge quantities of calcium which is needed for strong teeth. The eggshells are made is similar to that of our teeth. They provide the required amount of calcium to re-mineralize teeth and make them stronger. Egg shells are also made of the essential amino acids such as lysine, methionine and cysteine.

To use eggshell follow this simple procedure;

1st is to boil eggshells for 5 minutes to kill bacteria.
2nd dry the shells then grind until it becomes powder.
3rd take this eggshell powder everyday about ½ teaspoons, you can add this to your drinks of dishes.
Take also foods rich in vitamin D for calcium absorption.

Ways how eggshell is similar to teeth:
An experiment made by Coppell High School involved children determining what types of liquids stain are there on teeth. Having the similarities between eggshells and teeth, the kids chose to take eggshells as models for teeth and conducted the experiment.

When the tooth enamel gets exposed to fluoride, some of the hydroxy groups (OH-) are substituted with fluoride ions. The compound created as a result of this replacement is less soluble and also more resistant to acid erosion. Similarly when chicken eggshells are soaked in a fluoride solution, there is a negative effect of the shells getting softened in the presence of an acid.

Both chicken eggshells and teeth tend to soften and will loses its minerals in the appearance of an acid. Absence of calcium will make the eggshells weak. Similarly calcium ions are produced when acid is contacted to tooth enamel. This results in the loss of mineral on tooth enamel and can cause damage on the surface of the teeth.

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