Construction Worker Won 1.2 Million Pesos from Lottery But After 3 Months, Money Disappeared in an Instant

Carrying on with the life of a construction worker is hard. It expects you to be to a great degree committed and dedicated, regardless of the possibility that the climate conditions are not that good to you. As we as a whole know, their occupation includes them being exposed to natural elements, for example, the sun or rain. In this way, Jack Morales was all smile when he won PHP 1.2 million in a lottery. As indicated by GMA News Online, he is a construction worker from Samar who just earns PHP 250 a day.

When he won the said measure of cash, he assigned it for the following: PHP 200,000 for his kid’s education, PHP 800,000 for his construction business, PHP 200,000 for his own reserve funds, and PHP 10,000 for his new house.

Be that as it may, his cash gradually exhausted until the point that he returned to his first situation before – when he was still scraping to support his family. Why would that be? His story was featured in “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’s” episode dated October 15, 2017. A video clip of it was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of GMA Public Affairs, where it has currently gained 235,077 views and 686 likes as of this writing. (

The construction worker was interviewed by Jessica Soho, wherein it was revealed that Morales grew up in a family that depends on fishing for livelihood. According to him, not one of his four siblings were able to study and attain education. “Yung tatay ko, nagpapalay. Tapos ‘yung nanay ko naman, naglalabada. Nag-aaral pa lang ako ng elementary, gusto kong makaahon sa kahirapan,” Morales shared.

When the typhoon “Yolanda” devastated Samar, it opened up a new venture to Morales. He became a construction worker after being a fisherman. During that time, lots of housing projects were being commissioned for the victims of the typhoon. Eventually, he started a new life.

One day, he thought of joining the lottery. He shared, “Sa tatlong tinaya ko po, 65, pare-pareho po ‘yung numero… lahat ng hirap ko, nabawi ko rin.” The construction worker revealed that he was not wise in spending his cash prize. After three months, the PHP 1.2 million he won on the lottery disappeared in an instant.
Source: News Portal PH

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