Here are 10 Easiest and Well Paying Jobs That You’d Wish You Have

Today, a lot of jobs require sitting or standing for hours in a day. Some employees tend to develop spinal health problems that sometimes lead to early demise.

 But did you know that there are people who are paid to sleep for hours? Some jobs pay you to travel around the globe for free. These are just ordinary people who are living the life. Here the easiest and well-paying jobs that you’d wish you have:  

10. Personal Gym trainer  — $ 25, 000

A personal trainer job is to design a training program for your client to follow it. If he fails to follow the program, then the problem is with him. A trainer will just devise a workout plan, let the client do all the dirty work and lifting and get paid regardless if he follows the plan.

9. Photographer  — $ 26, 080

Photography has become an easy and high-paying job. All you have to is invest in the right equipment and learn the ins and outs of the camera. You can even learn through online tutorials. 

8. Songwriter — $ 43, 000

 Being a songwriter can definitely help the pay the bills. You do not even need to know the technical side of music. You do not even know how to read a musical note. Music artists can then use this for commercial release.

 7. Massage Therapist —Salary: $ 51, 400

The starting salary is around $ 24, 200 but once you become an expert, expect to learn as much as $ 51, 400. Working as a massage therapist is great because the atmosphere they experience every day is relaxing. They are paid to relieve the stress of clients so they must be stress-free as well. 

6. Tour Guide Salary: $ 52, 000   

One of the most interesting jobs in the world is being a tour guide. You go around several places and point the most interesting spots to tourists, explaining its uniqueness and significance along the way. This job is particularly for those who are good in dealing with other people. 

5. Plowe Plant Operator  Salary $ 73, 300


A Power Plant is responsible for the electricity of millions of households and businesses, all it requires is a simple flick of the switches and the plant system will do the work for you. 

4. Computer Software Engineer  Salary$ 80, 519 

 This should be included in the easiest and best-paying jobs in the world. For those who love gadgets, computer software engineer is a dream job for you. 

3. Artist — Salary $ 100, 000 

Artists can earn substantial amounts depending on how good they really are. Some artists just hang out in public places and offer to draw a caricature of people for a fee. 

2. Freelance Writer  Salary $ 105, 000  

A freelance writer can work from home from the comfort of their own homes. They have the control over what jobs to accept. You can earn as much money as you need by simply accepting as many jobs as possible. 

1. Surgeon Salary $ 350, 000 

Surgeons command the highest median salary of all careers. This job requires hard work and specialized skill and earnings depend on the type of surgery done. 

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