See how Robin Padilla and Marielle Padilla Treat their Helpers!

Most people think that some celebrities are cruel to people who are working for them. Although there are admittedly some stars that reportedly mistreat their subordinates, majority of them are really kind hearted and treat their employees as part of their families. Wherein Robin and Marielle Padilla showed a perfect example of such, as to that they treat their employees nicely.

In a recent youtube video released by HappyTV, the couple seemed to have organized a small celebration. The family and their helpers were playing games that required to get apples out of the basin with water. Robin disputably shouted that whoever wins will get 2,000 Php.

All of them seemed to have good time. The video just showed the real relationship between celebrities and their helpers. Even the couple’s family and friends seemed to get along well with their helpers. There was no trace of disrespect can be seen.

Many netizens were impressed on how they have showed such acts. It’s not really every day that you can see celebrities act inside their homes.

Watch the full video below:

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