7 Pinoy Celebrities Who Have Denied Having Plastic Surgery

Nowadays, beauty is no longer measured by the purity of your heart but rather looks alone. With the advent of mew technologies that can make you beautiful in an instant, one can simply become as they wanted to be provided they have the money to spend. 

Celebrities need to constantly evolve and improve not just their craft, but also their looks. They need to look better and maintain their youthful glow if they’re to sustain their career.
We’ve listed a couple of celebrities who we think have gone under the knife 
With the art of makeup, contouring ticks, and Photoshop. We might never-ever -know. But here’s a rumored list of celebrities who have denied having plastic surgery:

1. Toni Gonzaga

One of the most bankable actresses denies having plastic surgery. But in some of her photos, the actress had a nose lift and face contouring which attributed to “OA” makeup. She also had a scar removal above her lip which was caused by an accident during a commercial shoot. 

2. Kim Chiu

Kim Chiu faces plastic surgery rumors on an hourly basis. Rumor has it that Kim had undergone breast implant and nose lift. Kim has even gone as far as replying to her Instgaram bashers: “ANG SAMA NIYO NAMAN NA NAGSASABING NA GAWA ITONG ILONG KO???IBIG SABIHIN MUKHA SIYANG PERFECT! atupagin niyo nalang buhay niyo kesa sa buhay ng ibang tao!” 

3. Christine Reyes

    Christine Reyes is said to have undergone rhinoplasty and breast enhancement. Some say she had her teeth done because her smile looks different before. 

4. Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn is quickly learning how to deal with being under constant public scrutiny. She was accused of having her nose improved but she denied this saying she’s too young for cosmetic surgery.

5. Angeline Quinto

   Rumors said that Angeline had plastic surgery and she is regularly seen on the celebrity dermatologist Vicki Belo’s clinic. However, she denied that she took any surgery to improve her appearance. 

6. Arci Munoz

 Arci went viral on social media due to her alleged new nose and lip surgeries after her nose developed keloids due to excessive headbanging.

7. Ruffa Gutierrez

  Ruffa had undergone a semi-invasive procedure for her fats. She also pointed out there are countless cosmetic procedures that don’t require going through the needle. She clarified it’s just a matter of preference. “Di mo na kailangan magpa-surgery, di uso yon actually.”

source: spot.ph

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