88-Year-Old Grandma Takes Hilarious Selfies after Learning How to Use a Camera for the First Time

Meet Kimiko Nishimoto, an 88-year-old grandma who went viral over the internet because of her hilarious photos. 

Kimiki was 71 years old when she first held a camera. Her son brought her to one of his photography classes and taught her how to use one. 

Now, 88 years old, Kimiko can’t stop taking pictures. She shows others that taking pictures can be fun. Most of her snapshots focus on nature and colorful abstract designs.  

Kimiko takes pictures that will definitely make you laugh your heart out. 

A lot of netizens were attracted to her pictures because even with her old age, she never forgets to enjoy what she does. 

Look at her funny selfies!

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source:  viral4real.com

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