A boy was dressed up as ‘Annabelle’ by mom during Halloween but they had to rush to the dental appointment with the costume on. The dentist couldn’t hold his laughter anymore when he saw the boy’s facial expression

Halloween was over a few weeks ago but there are still lots of photos being posted on Facebook and we came across a post about a mother who dressed her son up as ‘Annabelle’ and before she had the chance to remove his makeup, they had to rush to the dentist.
The boy’s sad expression on his face was really funny and was posted on Facebook and his mom called him ‘The Saddest Annabelle’

The dentist who was assigned to the boy nearly died of laughter. The boy’s mother said that it wasn’t an easy task trying to convince him to wear the ‘Annabelle’ costume as she wanted to give the boy a funny moment and something that he would remember for the rest of his life. So, she tried to convince him a few weeks before Halloween and he finally agreed. They had a great time at the Halloween party and nearly forgot about their appointment with the dentist.
As soon as his mom realized that they had an appointment with the dentist, they quickly rushed to the clinic and the boy was sad that he had to wear his costume to the dentist. The dentist and nurses at the clinic could not contain their amusement and burst into laughter. The only one who was not laughing was the boy as he sulked all the way home from the clinic.

After reaching home he still had his sad (or somewhat mad) face on.
Source: JuztPost

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