Digital Artist Accused of Using Real Photos Because of His Incredibly Realistic Paintings

At first glance,you’d think that these pictures of women are actually paintings. These amazing digital paintings are created by , Irakli Nadar, 28- year old artist from Georgia. 

If you take a close look at his artwork, you’ll realize that these extremely intricate paintings are not pictures.

Because of his incredibly hyper-realistic work, Irakli has been accused of simply “photo shopping” his original photos and editing the to look like they have been painted.

Irakli is basing his artworks on real photographs. He also admitted that he has photo-reference when painting. 

“Copying is another thing that this community frowns upon, but you actually learn a great deal from copying. To tell you the truth, it may well be the fastest way to improve as an artist.”

Take a look at his incredible paintings below:

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