Jericho Rosales’ Super Chill Home Feels Like an Afternoon at the Beach

With a home like this, you’ll never want to leave.

For someone who’s busy and into different passions like surfing, acting, and motorcycling, Jericho Rosales comes home to a relaxing space where he can indulge in a good night’s sleep with his wife, Kim Jones.

Designed by prominent interior designer Buji Libarnes, Jericho’s friend and surfing buddy, the actor’s home embodies his laidback, beach and adventure-loving personality from the color palette used to the large windows and decorative plants in his modern home.

Jericho’s house is a modern dream- with cleanliness, large windows, and spaces meant for taking a break and entertaining friends. 

Check out his awesome modern and laidback Home:

His best friend designed the house in 2015 and it highlights an all white, minimalist structure. 

Most of the windows in the house are kept bare to let in breeze and sunlight. 

The abundance of natural light streams in through the sliding doors and windows.


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