Jessy Mendiola Gets Bashed on Social Media For Wrong Spelling of ‘Price’

Nowadays, Internet has been the greatest source of entertainment for millennials. There comes with people who’ll mock you for just a single mistake you’d post on any social media platform.

Recently, Jessie Mendiola stimulates the attention of netizens after committing mistake due to misspelled or confused word “prize” instead of “price” in her comment.

The issue began when the actress shared a photo on Instagram depicting their skydiving experience in New Zealand with her current Boyfriend, Luis Manzano. She captioned the photo:

“Swipe left para makita ang pag-iyak ko at yung tinawanan lang ako ng jump master ko na si Marcos. Thank you again, my love, for taking me on an adventure, I’m very sure this isn’t going to be our last time doing crazy things. I Love You @luckymanzano, my daredevil.”

After posting the said picture, one follower got curious and happened to ask how much would it take to avail the skydiving package.

On the off chance, Jessie somehow replied back without checking what she has typed in the reply section, she answered back, “starting prize at 350 NZ dollars ?

In this case, it is a given fact that Jessie just got confused with the word prize with price, and it was just a matter of typographical error.

Jessie Mendiola and Luis Manzano had been invited as guests in the post-wedding of Anne Curtis and Erwan Heusaff which took place in New Zealand. Also, Angel Locsin who’d happen to be Luis’ ex-was also invited to the said event.

A few bashers questioned her presence at the wedding.

The actress fights back and wrote, “Sa lahat ng mga tao na makikitid ang utak na namomomroblema kung sinong invited o hindi, hindi naman siguro ako pupunta sa kasal hindi ako invited.”

What are your views on how Jessie handled the situation? Share your thoughts and opinions.


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