Julia Barretto was Kicked Out of School Because of She Could not Keep Up Mentally with her Peers

Julia Barretto is a well known actress in Showbiz Industry. She is the most sought-after actress today and one of the highest paid endorser.

Rumors are circulating online that Actress Julia Barretto was kicked out from her former school because she could not keep up mentally with her peers. 

But one netizen shared online, “Schoolmate ko si Julia Barretto dati. Na-kick out siya kasi di siya maka-keep up. No hate but bobo si Ate girl.”

Julia was apparently enrolled at Miriam College High School and some netizen shared that she was kicked out because of her low grades so she transferred to St. Paul College Pasig.

However, the reason for her transfer was not officially revealed. 

Some people think the reason why Julia transferred was because she can’t handle her bashers and peers.

Meanwhile people defended Julia, and commented that the rumors about her low grades is false because after all, Julia is a smart and talented kid!

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source: getzmo.ph

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