Look at what Manny Pacquiao’s Beach House Looks Like in Saranggani!

When all you want to do is relax and chill, you have to go to places that exactly like Manny and Jinky Pacquiao’s beach house in Saranggani. The Couple, along with their kids went back to Glan, Sarangani to spend much needed quality time at their beautiful home and the pictures they took from that place was really mesmerizing!

Their house was built by the beach when you step outside of its vicinity; you are greeted by a very nice view of the ocean. It is just really perfect to unwind a stressful day. If you are a picturesque, this would really kill your skills.

Even the façade alone can stop your eyes and heart of its wonderful design and looks. The unique trees, the landscape, the interiors and exterior design of the house are all superb! A picture of the bedroom inside the house and the area that leads to the beach reminds us so much of really high end resorts. Really indeed that maybe Hollywood celebrities would gladly pay for a spot like this to relax to.

The rest house is indeed really better than their Forbes Mansion!

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