Must See: Ellen Adarna’s Vintage Apartment in Manila

Ellen Adarna is a Filipino model, actress, and endorser. She has been every man’s dream and fantasy ever since she stepped into show business. The eldest daughter of the owner of Queensland (A chain of motels in Davao, Manila, and Cebu), Ellen has been in the limelight from the beginning of her modeling career. 

Did you know that Ellen lives in a 1930s apartment in Manila?
With generous windows that offer a breathtaking view of busy Manila, Ellen Adarna’s apartment is a special place where she can do the things she loves.

Let’s take a look at her nook:
Ellen shared a before photo of her apartment. Her living room has enough space, A dining nook placed near the kitchen. This is one of her biggest projects a couple of years back.

Her private space has modern comforts but it still has an old world charm. Thick drapes block harsh rays of the sun and let an ample amount of light that casts a warm glow in her room. This will remind you of vintage films. 

One of the best things about this apartment building in Manila is its magic transports homeowners and guests to a bygone era.

Ellen shared a photo of her posh living area complete with tufted seats, a chandelier and calming view of the outdoors. 

Ellen’s bedroom is perfect for rest and relaxation. The space above the bed features a niche where framed prints are on display. 

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