Old man in Negros Occidental walks everyday several miles to Beg Food for His Disabled Daughters

Our parents always serve as our ‘shelter from the storm’ and our refuge when things get rough sometimes. Parents are always ready to sacrifice everything they have just to make sure their children are happy, safe, and contended. But as our parents get older, it is just natural for us to make sure they feel the same way too like they did when we are young. When our parents grow old, it is our turn to take care of them. But for this old man, taking care of his children is always his priority—even at his age today.

Tatay Arunting from Barangay Tiguib Ayungon, Negros Occidental in the Philippines, is well-known in their area for being a very loving father. Every day, he would trek down the mountain from their house for more than thirty minutes, and walks to town for another thirty minutes, where he begs for food from kind-hearted people. Once he gets enough food, he walks back to the foot of the mountain, and treks back up.

However, the food he gets is not only for himself—but for her two disabled daughters. Apparently, his two daughters have the mental age of children, and both of them couldn’t walk. That was the everyday life of Tatay Arunting, and everybody in their area knew of his golden heart. Thankfully, a group of good Samaritans including Frances Baena, found the family of three back in 2015, and decided to do something to make their lives easier for them.

Baena and others built a house for the old man and his daughters in the town itself, so that Tatay Arunting didn’t have to walk for hours every day. Locals and other people helped in carrying the two daughters, so they can see their new home as well. Watch how their new home was made: https://youtu.be/NEFJg8wJgs8

Truly, the story of Tatay Arunting have touched many hearts and will surely be remembered through the centuries!

Source: Elite Readers

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