Rare case of a Newborn Child who looks like a Manequin, After So many Years this is what She Looks Like

For a couple, learning about pregnancy is the most shocking good news they could ever wish for. Just like other husband and wife, Emma and Scott Garside were so excited to know that they are having a baby girl. Emma’s pregnancy was going smooth, no indication than sooner she’ll give birth to a unhealthy child.

Back in 2007, she gave birth to Charlotte and was shocked over the unexpected case of the child. The baby girl only measure 68 centimeters tall and just weighted less than 9 pounds. Although she carried the child for completely 9 months, the size of the child was compared to a baby born 16 weeks earlier than due date. The baby was compared to a porcelain doll with tiny body, delicate chin, prominent nose and small black eyes.

According to the diagnosis, she was born with primordial dwarfism, a rare kind of dwarfism. The condition in which her growth is restricted and resulting to feeding problems and brain abnormalities. But despited of the diagnosis the family showed unconditional and outpouring love to Charlotte. 
Now, Charlotte is dubbed as the tiniest girl in the world. However, it was not yet made official under Guinness Book of World Records.
Source: TNP Today

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