The Cutest Daddy-Daughter Bonding Moments of Richard Gomez and Juliana Gomez

Nothing beats the love of a father has for his daughter. 

 Richard Gomez is the sweetest dad to her only daughter, Juliana Gomez. It’s commendable how cool Richard can be, spending some quality time with his 16-year old daughter, enjoying simple joys like eating ice cream whilst out and about in a mall.

It only takes a quick scan of Juliana’s Instagram page to know that she is close to her dad, Richard Gomez, and Mom, Lucy Torres. 

Juliana often shares photos of their bonding moments and pays tribute to them on special occasions. 

Julia got her deep, dark eyes and beautiful tanned skin from her dad. Their father and daughter bonding is so cute which can be seen in their Instagram posts. 

From the many sports and outdoor activities they do together to Richard being the most adorably annoying Instagram dad that he is, here is a compilation of the sweetest moments of our favorite daddy-daughter duo:

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