Vitamin B12 Deficiency Signs and Symptoms That Most People Ignore

Many people don’t pay attention when it comes to vitamin deficiency but some symptoms of vitamin B12 Deficiency are easily mistaken for signs of other diseases and ailments. 

You may have a Vitamin B12 deficiency if you often experience or have:

1. A smooth tongue

Individuals with B12 Deficiency usually have a tongue that appears swollen, smooth and bright red. 

2. Vertigo, fatigue or lightheadedness


It isn’t normal to experience and overwhelming fatigue that doesn’t go away with rest. 

3. Heart palpitations or shortness of breath

Breathlessness is normal after activity, but if you find yourself short of breath at rest, it’s an indicator that something’s not right.

4. Pale or yellow skin tone

If you notice your skin has pale or yellow skin tone, you may have B12 deficiency. Red blood cells are responsible for the rosy color in our cheeks, but if red blood cell production decreases, the skin becomes pale and colorless.

5. Poor mental health such as depression, mood swings or memory loss

Take note that mood disorders, including anxiety and depression, are linked to low levels of B12. Of course, anxiety and depression can be caused by many factors, But if you find yourself suddenly crying for no reason, you may want to have your B12 levels checked.

6. Changes in vision

Low levels of B12 in the body can cause nerve damage that can cause blurry vision.

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