Woman Eats Only Sky Flakes and Water for months, Sheds 52 Lbs. as a Result


Who would’ve thought that the Skyflakes cracker that we often eat is the underrated solution to losing weight. 

This woman decided to eat Skyflakes for months after finding out how she felt full after just a couple of cracker.

She also started to reduce the amount of sweets and rice she eats since these are the main source of obesity. 

Months after sticking to her diet, the results were more than what she expected. her excessive weight of 80kgs, went down to just 54 kgs. 

According to her, she didn’t exercise because she was too busy and lazy to do so. She also didn’t take any pills because she didn’t want to spend on expensive medication.

She then shared her fitness journey on Facebook to motivate others. 

source: danified.net

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