Woman had 50 Plastic Surgeries in Order to Look Like her Idol Angelina Jolie

People are always trying to improve the way they look, whether it be through natural means or artificial procedures. It is human nature to want to look one’s best, or in some cases, to covet other people’s looks. First, there was the woman from Russia who underwent more than 100 plastic surgeries to look like a real-life Barbie doll. Then there was the man from Brazil who had more than 50 procedures to look like a Ken doll. Now, another woman’s story along with her photos has been making its rounds online. Meet Sahar Tabar from Teheran, Iran, who had 50 plastic surgeries just to look like her idol, Hollywood star Angelina Jolie!

According to German newspaper Bunte.de, Sahar only had one wish above everything else – to look like her idol, Angelina Jolie. To achieve this she willingly went through 50 procedures and shed 90 lbs. just to attain the look that she had always coveted. 

At the age of 22, Sahar Tabar has already had numerous procedures such as having her lips enlarged with fillers, her teeth adjusted, her nose reduced to look pointier, and her cheekbones and jawline sculpted to try to achieve Angelina Jolie’s iconic bone structure. Sarah even admitted that she intends to undergo more surgeries in order to complete her transformation.

She seems quite happy with what she did to herself. However, her 270,000+ followers on Instagram do not seem to agree. Sahar Tabar has been receiving a lot of negative reactions from her followers, most of them saying her transformation made her look frightening and zombie-like. Some have noted how she looked very sickly and pale, making people wonder whether her dream was actually healthy for her. There were a few nice comments though, with some netizens noting that Sahar is indeed starting to look like her idol.

Source: The Sun UK

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