A Lady Went To a Party With an Upset Stomach, What Happened to Her was Disgusting!

Whenever we have an upset stomach, we were always advised to stay at home for us to feel better. However, there are times when we choose to ignore such things like these. This story will take you for example!

An unidentified party girl with an upset stomach, recently took the internet by a storm after her disgusting and embarrassing photos went viral online. According to a report published by ‘Wereblog’ this woman with an upset stomach, still pushed through with her plans of going to a party despite her rumbling tummy. However, instead of enjoying the party, she ended up making a huge mess and proving that it’s never okay to disregard your distressed belly!

A Facebook user named Lazy Masky posted the photos online, claiming that the woman can no longer hold her poop so she ended up letting it loose on the dance floor. There are claims that the woman might have been suffering from a loose bowel movement or diarrhea but she still chose to party!

Things escalated quickly when this woman felt her rumbling tummy attacking her, leading her to an embarrassing situation! Her poop scattered all over the floor and this sizzling hot party girl literally became a PARTY POOPER like what just happened. Some people thought of this as a laughing matter, but then, there’s nothing funny when it comes to such situation.

What happened to this woman was gross and embarrassing. This should serve as a lesson to everyone who is still wishing to attend a party despite suffering from an upset stomach! The next time you push through with your plans, try to ask yourself if you can handle it or not! Or maybe, you can back it up with a medicine! 

Source: Controversial News Portal

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