Claudine Barretto’s Maid Complains Over “Maltreatment” of the actress to her!

The maid of the actress Claudine Barretto goes to Raffy Tulfo to complain about the actress’ “maltreatment” and the 1-day inadequate compensation. Lately, an episode of Raffy Tulfo’s program featured the housemaid of the actress Claudine Barretto, for her kids specifically, went to the show to seek help.

The complaint of the maid is about the maltreatment of the actress towards her and the inadequacy of the compensation she had received. Accordingly, in terms of compensation, the maid has already received the right amount of payment for 16 days but in total, she had worked for 17 days. Therefore, her salary falls short for one day.

She also counted and wanted additional payment for the service she rendered for the actress when she brought to aid the actress in the hospital after undergoing an operation. As per her statement, she was brought to the hospital to help the actress but she was restless like in cases where the actress would call her to go to the comfort room to either urinate or smoke.

“Ayaw ko po sa ugali niya eh pati na din po yung secretary niya, yung security niya. Ayaw ko po kasi lagi po naninigaw. Wala po akong ginagawang mali. Pati na din pong si Claudine na yan… pa’g mangutos po iyan… makasigaw po sa akin tumitirik pang mata. Akalamo kung anong ginagawa ko sa kanyang mali. Wala naman akong ginagawa sa kanya,” says the maid. 

She further stated that she voluntarily left the actress for she cannot take the treatments anymore. “Ako na po ang kusang umalis sa kanya. Dahil hindi ko na po kaya eh. Hindi ko na siya kaya. Hindi ko na kaya yung ugali niya. Yung pagmamaltrato niya sa akin.”

Watch the whole video here with Tulfo:

Source: TNP Today

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