Generous Husband Secretly Inserts Stacks of Cash in Wife’s Wallet, instead of Buying Gift

Finding the perfect gift for your wife is a tricky proposition. Every woman is different, with different taste and different interests. Sometimes guys are anxious that they might not buy the right gifts for their significant other. 

But a guy is determined to solve that difficult matter by doing the most practical thing he could think of. 

Instead of buying his wife flowers, chocolates and material things that she might not want, he chose to give her wards of cash to buy whatever she wants and needs.

This girl named Jess Tyk shares a photo of her purse, thanking her husband Chin Yen Leong for his generous and thoughtful gift. She revealed that the money was actually a surprise since his husband placed it there without her knowledge.

Jess only discovered the wards of cash when she looked for her wallet. 

She shared a photo of the money-filled wallet on Facebook, joking that her husband couldn’t give her a card but her gave her cash. 

The post went viral on social media and netizens shared the photo on Facebook, tagging their husbands and boyfriends to give them a hint of what they want to receive.


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