Look: Lottie from “Princess Sarah’ is all Grown Up

Remember Lottie from the Princess Sarah TV series? The cutie crybaby friend of Princess Sarah is now a blooming young Lady. 

Even though the series mainly focued on Sarah and her troubles, we couldn’t take our eyes off little Crybaby Lottie, probabyl because hse wouldnt stop crying. But who woud’ve thought that the childactress who portrayed her grew up and glowed up?

Noemi Oineza has grown up to be a beauty. The 18-year old actress is the sister of PBB almunus and actress, Jane Oineza. She paleyd the part of Lottie Leigh in the Princess Sarah TV series, along with fellow Going Bulilit Kid Sharlene San Pedro, who portrayed Sarah. 

Noemi started her carrer with this how and other projects such as the horror movie “Villa Estrella”. After laying low from showbiz, Noemi was reported to be taking up a science course in the University of Santo Tomas. 

This young woman’s selfies proves just how beautiful she has gotten over the years. Her sense of beauty and style has evolved but she still maintained her natural “girl-next-door” vibe. 

source: tnp.today

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