Maja Salvador Went Viral After Being Caught Rubbing her Belly While Recording Live Video

Maja Salvador, the Kapamilya actress who stars in the show ‘Wild Flower’ by the name of Lily Cruz, caught the attention of netizens and went viral online when she posted a video on the internet. 

The wildflower star was seen having lunch with her pals ‘Kakai Bautista’ as well as ‘Thou Reyes’. They were eating at a fancy dining restaurant.

On this video, Maja is with friends Cacai and Thou, talking about how full they are after eating. 

Thou Reyes is holding the camera, on his back lies Maja Salvador and she was caught on camera wearing tee shirt and shorts while she unconsciously rubbed her stomach. 

It’s no surprise that Maja looked comfortable doing that, her body has been approved by people and she was often seen through her sexy performances. 

But seeing her on that very normal day relaxing just like an ordinary woman is a different lens. 

A lot of netizens commented on how cool and sexy Maja Salvador is. The wildflower actress gained a lot of likes and followers after she was recognized as the best actress for her duty as Lily Cruz/Ivy Aguas in the Tv series. 


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