‘Praying Beggar’ who Regularly Goes to Church After Receiving Alms Went Viral

Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted how lucky we are in life. Most of the times, those people who have less or have nothing in life are the ones who have the biggest hearts. 
Sometimes these beggars and poor people are even the ones who are offering help and making us realize how important life is. 
Just like a story of this beggar that has captured a lot of netizens all over social media. A Facebook page named ‘DJ Kalogs Story’ recently posted a story that has inspired everyone. 

The story was entitled “Ang Pulubi at and Simbahan” was about a story of a praying beggar who regularly visits the church every time he receives alms. 
The netizen who shared the photo said that whenever he passes by Cubao Avenue close to the MRT station, this beggar always comes up to him and asked for alms. The man sometimes gives Php 100 and offering that he’d buy him food. 

“Mga ilang araw dumaan ako sa Church, may lumapit sakin humihingi ng pambili ng pagkain. So binigyan ko ulit siya ng pera.”
“Napalingon ako sa may simbahan at naisip ko na magsisimba ako pero nawala na naman ang pulubi sa tabi ko. Pag punta ko ng simbahan. Dun ko siya nakita sa loob ng simbahan at nakaluhod siya sa harap ng altar. Para magpasalamat at ibahagi ang binibgay kong pera sa simbahan.”

The story then went viral all over the internet and captured the attention of netizens. Due to his faith, this beggar was then tagged as the ‘praying beggar’ since he prays to God every time he receives his blessings.

Thanks to the praying beggar, we are now reminded to never forget God even at the worst of times. Netizens praised him for proving that he may be poor financially, but he’s rich spiritually. 

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