A family’s beloved dog was given a human-like funeral!

Because dogs are considered to be like a children to some pet owners, some of us may feel like a fear of losing our pets someday. Dogs are really showered with good food, kisses, and the finest things some pet owners could offer. It may seem at first as weird but some of the pet owners are really bonded to their four legged pets just like the story of Gloria Rarama and her labrador dog named Angelina.

The beginning of companionship started when Gloria’s son Maxwell died. Because of having Maxwell as her only son and child upon grieving, Gloria sight fell on her dog Angelina. She treated the dog as a family. Because Gloria and her son Maxwell was the only ones left in their family, she and the dog are inseparable when Maxwell passed away.

Approximately, life is truly a wheel of fortune. After a year of her son’s passing, Gloria had to endure another heartache when Angelina got sick. As what she had done to her son before, Gloria brought Angelina to a veterinarian in hopes of getting an operation for the dogs cyst. Sadly, the beloved dog died last December 30, 2017.

Instead of burying the dog in the backyard, Gloria decided to take a human like funeral for her dog. She really bought a coffin accommodated the dog’s size and held a nine-day wake for Angelina. Almost a 100 people attended the funeral. The funeral service end at the ninth day. The woman had a special grave in her backyard so she could visit Angelina anytime she wanted to.

Source: TNP Today

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