Alamin kung pano Itama ang Maling Pangalan na na-Irehistro sa Inyong mga Birth Certificate!

If you have wrong NSO birth certificate information like wrong spelling, wrong gender or sex, typographical errors, clerical errors, date of birth, wrong place of birth, mother’s or father’s name, no middle name and other discrepancies? These would usually be under RA 9048 or a court order. Go to the local civil registrar (LCR), bring all your personal documents and facilitate the corrections.

The proper correction procedure involves the filing of an application for a Supplemental Report (if information is left blank) or Correction of Entry if misspelled, or court order if change of entire name or gender at the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) where your birth was registered. You may have to bring supporting documents, e.g., baptismal certificate, school records, etc., as these may be required in filing the application for supplemental report. The LCRO will then be submitting a copy of the Supplemental Report to NSO, along with the civil registry documents they regularly transmit to the agency (NSO).

After that and a couple of weeks, here is a list of documents you should produce to bring to NSO legal department (CDLI) when you check your updated information:
(1) Certified copy of the Court Decree of Correction of Entry/Change for First Name/Cancellation of Entry
(2) Certificate of Finality
(3) Certificate of Registration of the Court Decree
(4) Certified Machine Copy/Photocopy of Annotated Birth/Marriage/Death Certificate or Certified True Copy (CTC) of Birth/Marriage/Death Certificate with the appropriate annotation

If the information are now updated, you can request for your NSO certificate at anytime from thereon.

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