Know the Meaning of Common Objects you See in Your Dreams and Ways to Interpret Them!

Dream interpretation has been a common medium to relay someone’s fate. Even in Biblical times, there’s Joseph the Dreamer, who was known for interpreting other people’s dreams to provide the future. There are also other personalities around the world who claim to have the power of figuring out dreams. There is actually a website that was created to check the meaning of certain objects that you see in your dreams, and analyze their connections to your destiny. Well, here are some of the most common items many people see in their dreams, based from an investigation made by some experts in Kyoto, Japan. They believe that dreams have relative effects and connections to the waking life of a person. You may be aware of the pros and cons they may bring.

If you see a house in your dreams, it may represent your mind and the way you think. The rooms are the aspects of your persona such as emotions, feelings and memories. Aside from that, a house may also signal contentment and serenity. If you see the attic, it could refer to concealed feelings, whereas the basement may represent clairvoyance.

Tooth decay could mean worries, fear and uneasiness. If in your dreams you lost a tooth or a couple of it, it may represent back luck, loss of job or even death of a relative.

Wings and flying
If you see yourself flying with wings in your dreams, it could mean liberty, fulfillment of your ambitions and achievement of your goals.

To dream of death could mean a significant change. It may also signal a noticeable shift from your current being to another.

Money and wealth
Money as a subject of your dream, signifies self-regard and delight. If you become an instant millionaire in your dreams could mean a noticeable change in your way of life. If you are giving out money, it might mean your fear of losing someone or something.

Seeing a waterfall in your dreams signifies refinement, and purity. It could bring good luck and wonderful start of something new. Vehicles tend to mean you’re worried about the direction your life is taking and where you’re going.

Being pregnant (for girls)
Can either mean you ARE pregnant, or you’re growing as a person and want to develop further. Dream symbols like this are often very simple.

Means that you’re holding back your emotions in waking life and it’s your minds way of getting them out and expressing them.

If you see yourself playing with fire in your dream could mean you are about to engage yourself in a dangerous activity. Seeing a fire from afar is a signal of metamorphosis and aspirations.

Car crash
Are common and usually mean you’re in a conflict with someone close to you and it needs resolving.

These will just serve as your guide. Your destiny will still be based on your decisions, hard-work and a slice of luck.

Source: How to Lucid

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